Instagram Launch a New Twitter Killer – Threads : Instagram launch a new Twitter killer 2023. Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing platform, has taken the social media world by storm once again with its groundbreaking release – a feature set to rival Twitter’s dominance in the realm of real-time updates and conversations. Aptly dubbed the “Twitter killer,” this innovative addition to Instagram’s already extensive array of features is poised to revolutionize how users engage and interact with one another.

So Instagram has finally done it. They’ve launched Threads, their new text-based social network, and it’s poised to give Twitter a run for its money. For years you’ve been posting photos and short videos to Instagram, but now they’re giving you a dedicated space just for text. A place to share your random thoughts, react to news headlines, debate your friends, and connect through the power of words and conversation.

Threads has a clean minimal design, easy reply and reaction features, and integration with your existing Instagram profile and followers. Everything you post in Threads will be connected to your Instagram account, so you don’t have to build a new network from scratch. Instagram is betting that the combination of photos, videos and now text will keep you spending more and more time within their app each day.

The big question is whether people really want another social network in their lives or if Instagram has come too late to the text-based party. Twitter has been the place for real-time conversation for over a decade. Can Threads offer something new and different enough to win people over and chip away at Twitter’s dominance? The battle for your attention and ultimately your loyalty is on. Instagram is making a bold move into new territory with Threads. Time will tell if this spin on social media and conversation will catch on or get tangled in too much noise. The next chapter in social media wars has begun.

Instagram Launch a New Twitter Killer 2023

Instagram just launched Threads, a new app for sharing messages, photos and videos with your closest friends. Think of it like a private Instagram or a new Twitter killer.

With Threads, you can stay connected to a small circle of up to 30 friends. Share what you’re up to, chat with friends and catch up on their lives in a dedicated space separate from the main Instagram app.

To get started, you select friends you want to keep in the loop and invite them to join Threads. Once friends accept, you can message each other, share photos, videos, voice messages, your location and status updates. Everything shared in Threads is private and encrypted end-to-end so your messages stay between you and friends.

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Threads makes it easy to stay up to date with friends you care about most in a dedicated, private space. Snap a photo or share what song you’re listening to and message friends directly. See friends’ statuses to find out who’s available to chat and who’s busy. Location sharing lets friends know when you’re on the way or nearby.

If you find yourself wanting an even smaller circle for sharing certain updates or just chatting, Threads is perfect. You get your own feed and inbox just for connecting with your close friends as well as options to message friends individually or start group chats. Threads brings you a new dedicated space built around messaging and sharing with the friends you care about.

Overall, Threads seems poised to give Twitter some major competition. The focused, friends-only features could appeal to those looking for more intimate social networking over public sharing. Instagram may have just launched the ultimate Twitter killer.

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What Is Threads and How Does It Work?

Threads is Instagram’s new standalone messaging app that’s poised to take on Twitter. Launched in 2023, Threads allows you to share text posts, photos, and short videos—all in an easy to follow vertical feed.

To get started, download the Threads app and sign in with your Instagram login. Your Instagram followers and following will automatically transfer over to Threads. From there, it works a lot like Instagram Stories. You can snap a photo or short video and add text, stickers, filters and more before sharing to your followers.

The difference is, on Threads your posts stay up permanently, allowing for ongoing conversations and connections with your community. You can like and comment on other people’s posts, and receive notifications when someone interacts with your content.

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Threads also has a Close Friends feature like Instagram, so you can share more personal posts with just your inner circle. And if you ever want to take a break, you can easily mute notifications for a few hours or days at a time.

Overall, Threads provides an informal, intimate way to stay in the loop with friends and followers through quick photo and video updates, inside jokes, random thoughts, and late-night conversations. If you’re someone who loves engaging with social media but wants an alternative to the highly curated world of Instagram, Threads just might be your new digital hangout spot.

The future of social networking is here—are you ready to start threading?

Key Features of Threads: Stories, Close Friends, Status

Threads, Instagram’s new standalone app, launched in 2023. Threads combines the best features of Instagram and Twitter into one platform. Here are the key features that make Threads stand out.


Like Instagram Stories, Threads allows you to share photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Stories on Threads also allow you to add text, stickers, filters and effects to help you express yourself. Share your everyday moments or what’s happening right now. Stories are a casual way to give your close friends a glimpse into your daily life.

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Close Friends

Choose your closest friends on Threads and share Stories that only they can view. Your Close Friends list allows you to share more personal moments with your inner circle. Share what’s really going on in your life without worrying about who else might see. Close Friends gives you a dedicated space to stay connected to those who matter most.


Let your friends know what’s on your mind with Threads Status. Share your mood, what you’re up to, or start a conversation about something on your mind. Your Status message will appear at the top of your friends’ feeds for 24 hours. Respond to your friends’ Statuses or start a quick convo – Threads makes it easy to stay in touch and engage with the people closest to you.

Overall, Threads combines social media and messaging into one app. With features like Stories, Close Friends and Status, Threads allows you to share your authentic self with your real friends – and bring you closer together in the process. Download Threads for free to get started.

Why Threads Could Replace Twitter

Threads could replace Twitter as the go-to social network for short-form sharing and conversation. Here are a few reasons why Threads may emerge as the new Twitter killer:


Threads allows for more customization than Twitter. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and layouts to make your profile uniquely you. Threads also gives you more flexibility in organizing how content appears on your profile. You can feature certain types of posts more prominently or group content together in new ways. This level of personalization and control over how you curate your content is appealing to users.

Focus on Visuals

Threads puts a strong emphasis on visual sharing. While you can still share short posts with text, Threads makes it easy to share high-quality images, short videos, and GIFs. The platform is ideal for sharing travel photos, food pics, DIY videos, and more. For many social media users today, visual content is king. Threads taps into this preference for visually-driven social media.

Interest-Based Communities

One of the biggest draws of Threads is the ability to join interest-based communities. There are communities for everything from makeup tutorials and book reviews to home decorating ideas and cooking inspiration. Within each community, you can connect with like-minded users, share content related to your common interests, ask questions, and build new friendships. For many, these communities become a source of support and motivation. The community aspect gives Threads a leg up over Twitter.

Overall, while Twitter continues to thrive, Threads offers some compelling features that could attract users away from the popular microblogging platform. With its focus on customization, visual sharing, and community building, Threads has the potential to emerge as a true Twitter killer. The future will tell if Threads can gain enough momentum to dethrone the king of short-form social media.

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The Future of Social Media: Rise of the Visual First Networks

The rise of visual social networks like Instagram and TikTok signal a shift in how we consume and interact with social media. While platforms like Twitter have dominated for sharing short posts and links, the next generation of networks are focused primarily on visual sharing and short-form video.

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The Era of “Visual First”

With our increasingly short attention spans, visual content is more engaging and impactful. Images and video are processed 60,000 times faster than text, so networks built around visual sharing have a speed and emotional advantage.

Instagram’s meteoric rise with over 1 billion monthly users proves the power of visual content. TikTok has 800 million users and is growing fast, especially with Gen Z. These platforms make creating and sharing short video clips, images, and stories as easy as possible.

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They utilize creative tools like filters, effects, editing features, and more to make content creation simple yet professional looking.

They optimize for discovery by highlighting popular and trending content, hashtags, effects, and creators. This fuels a constant feed of new and interesting media.

The Future is Multi-Platform

The future of social media is cross-platform, with users actively engaging on multiple networks based on their interests and goals. While visual platforms may dominate for entertainment and inspiration, traditional networks like Twitter and Facebook still excel for news, discussion, and long-form sharing.

Rather than competing, platforms will cooperate to keep users engaged across networks. Instagram now allows cross-posting to Facebook. TikTok videos are shared on Twitter and YouTube. Users can tap into the best features of each platform, with their accounts, friends, and interests seamlessly connected across the social web.

The next generation of social networks will continue to push the boundaries of visual communication in new and innovative ways. But traditional text-based platforms aren’t going anywhere as they cater to different needs and use cases. The social landscape will likely consist of a tapestry of visual and text platforms woven together, with users flowing effortlessly between them.

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So there you have it, Instagram is making a bold move into Twitter’s territory with Threads. No more jumping between apps to continue a conversation or share a stream of thoughts. Everything can happen seamlessly within Instagram now. Whether Threads will actually kill Twitter remains to be seen, but it certainly provides an alternative for those who prefer Instagram’s visual-first platform.

The ability to add text, photos, and videos to threads opens up a lot of creative possibilities for self-expression. If you’re an avid Instagram user, Threads is an exciting new way to connect with friends and share what’s on your mind. The battle for your attention and loyalty just got a lot more interesting in the world of social media. How will you use Threads and will it change how you use the other platforms? The future is unwritten, so start threading to find out.

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