Mercedes Benz Putting ChatGPT in Some of its Vehicles

Hey there, have you heard the news? Mercedes-Benz just announced they’re putting ChatGPT, an AI-powered virtual assistant, in some of their vehicles. That means soon you’ll be able to chat with your Mercedes and get recommendations for nearby restaurants, directions to the closest gas station, or suggestions for the perfect driving playlist – all through natural conversation. No more fumbling with touchscreens or shouting out commands and hoping the voice assistant understands. Mercedes Benz putting ChatGPT is designed to understand complex questions and respond helpfully, just like talking to another person. Though the tech is still being tested, if it works as promised it could make driving a Mercedes an even more luxurious experience. The future is here, and it wants to chat with you from the driver’s seat of your car!

Mercedes-Benz Partners With Anthropic to Add ChatGPT to Select Models

Mercedes-Benz is taking their MBUX infotainment system to the next level by partnering with Anthropic to integrate ChatGPT, an AI assistant, into select 2022 models.

ChatGPT will allow you to have natural conversations with your vehicle using voice commands. You’ll be able to ask questions about your car’s features, get directions, play music, check the weather, and more. The AI is designed to understand complex queries and respond helpfully.

  • To activate ChatGPT, just say “Hey Mercedes, talk to me.” The system will then prompt you for any requests or questions.
  • You can ask things like “How does the heated steering wheel work?” or “Can you find me a gas station along my route?” ChatGPT will explain how features function or provide the information you need.
  • If you’re unsure where a button or control is located, ask ChatGPT. The AI can walk you through where to find it in your vehicle’s cabin.
  • Forgot how to sync your phone to the Bluetooth system again? ChatGPT will provide straightforward instructions to get you reconnected.

Mercedes wants to make your driving experience as convenient and seamless as possible. By integrating an AI system that understands natural language, they’re helping ensure you get the most out of all your vehicle’s capabilities. ChatGPT is slated to roll out in the E-Class, S-Class, GLE, and GLS models for 2022, with more vehicles gaining the feature in future model years. The future of driving is voice-activated, and Mercedes continues leading the way.

How ChatGPT Will Improve the Driving Experience

Mercedes Benz

ChatGPT, an AI assistant created by Anthropic, is going to make your driving experience so much better. Mercedes-Benz will be installing ChatGPT in some of their vehicles to help with various tasks.

  • ChatGPT can give you directions to your destination. Just tell ChatGPT where you want to go, and it will provide step-by-step directions to get you there. No more fumbling with navigation apps on your phone while driving!
  • It can control vehicle functions for you. Need to turn the heat up or change the radio station? Just ask ChatGPT and it will make the necessary adjustments so you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • ChatGPT can provide helpful information on the go. Wondering if there are any gas stations at the next exit or restaurants open late nearby? ChatGPT has an internet connection and can quickly look up points of interest along your route.
  • In case of emergencies, ChatGPT can call for help. If there’s a crash or medical emergency, ChatGPT can alert emergency responders right away and provide critical details about your location and vehicle to get aid on the scene as fast as possible.
  • Over time, ChatGPT will get to know your preferences and habits. It may eventually be able to suggest destinations, adjust vehicle settings, and play your favorite music automatically based on where you’re headed and the usual route you take. A truly personalized travel companion!

With ChatGPT assisting you, driving will become an absolute breeze. Mercedes-Benz putting this advanced AI technology in their vehicles shows how dedicated they are to creating the best possible driving experience for their customers. The future of smart mobility is looking very bright!

Which Mercedes-Benz Models Will Have ChatGPT?

The S-Class

The S-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s flagship luxury sedan, so it makes sense that ChatGPT would debut in this model. The 2022 S-Class will feature ChatGPT to handle various vehicle functions through natural language commands. You’ll be able to change the radio station, navigation destination, interior temperature, and more just by speaking to ChatGPT. This hands-free capability allows you to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while still controlling features of your vehicle.

The E-Class

The E-Class is Mercedes’ mid-size luxury sedan, popular for its refinement, comfort and technology. The 2023 E-Class models will offer ChatGPT as an optional feature. If selected, ChatGPT will provide similar natural language control of features as in the S-Class. The E-Class aims to provide an optimal driving experience, and voice control through ChatGPT will further that goal by limiting distractions. Whether commuting to work or on a road trip adventure, ChatGPT will make interacting with your E-Class simple and intuitive.

Potential for Other Models

If ChatGPT proves popular and effective in the S-Class and E-Class, Mercedes-Benz will likely roll it out to other models like the GLE and GLS SUVs, as well as the C-Class compact sedan. Integrating ChatGPT across its lineup would provide a consistent, personalized experience for Mercedes owners. And as machine learning and natural language processing continue to advance, ChatGPT’s capabilities may expand to control additional features, personalize to individual drivers, and further optimize the driving experience in Mercedes vehicles.

The inclusion of ChatGPT shows Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to pairing luxurious design with cutting-edge technology. Voice control and personal assistant systems are becoming increasingly popular in vehicles, and Mercedes is at the forefront of this trend. For Mercedes owners, ChatGPT will make their daily drive feel like a first-class experience.

When Can I Expect ChatGPT in My Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes Benz

When’s it Coming?

Mercedes-Benz plans to start rolling out vehicles with ChatGPT, their AI assistant powered by Anthropic, PBC, in model year 2023. The first models to get the new system will likely be the S-Class sedan and the EQC and EQS electric vehicles. After that, the technology should make its way into most Mercedes models over the next 3-5 years.

  • The exact timeline will depend on how quickly Anthropic is able to scale up ChatGPT to handle the demands of being in millions of vehicles. Training an AI system to be helpful, harmless, and honest takes time. Mercedes wants to ensure ChatGPT meets their high standards for performance and safety before installing it across their lineup.

What Models Will Have ChatGPT First?

As with most new technologies, ChatGPT will debut on Mercedes’ higher-end, flagship models before becoming more widely available. The S-Class sedan, EQC SUV, and EQS sedan are the most likely candidates to offer ChatGPT in 2023. These vehicles already come with the latest advanced driver assistance features and technology, so ChatGPT will complement their cutting-edge image.

When Will ChatGPT Be in All Mercedes Models?

If the initial rollout in 2023 models goes smoothly, expect Mercedes to accelerate the adoption of ChatGPT into more of their vehicles. Most models should offer the AI assistant by 2025, with it potentially being available in all Mercedes vehicles, including lower-priced models like the A-Class and B-Class, within 3 to 5 years. The pace of the rollout will depend on how quickly Anthropic is able to improve and scale ChatGPT to handle high-volume vehicle lineups.

The future is here, and artificial intelligence will soon be riding shotgun in your Mercedes-Benz. ChatGPT can’t wait to meet you and help ensure you have the best possible experience in your vehicle. The open road awaits!

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ChatGPT FAQs: What You Need to Know About This Exciting New Feature

ChatGPT is Mercedes-Benz’s new AI-powered virtual assistant designed to make your driving experience more convenient and enjoyable. Here are some frequently asked questions about this exciting new feature.

What can ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT can assist you with a variety of tasks while you’re behind the wheel. It can:

  • Play your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks or radio station. Just say “Play [song/artist name]” or “Tune to [station call letters] FM”.
  • Navigate to a destination by voice. Say “Take me to [address or point of interest]” and ChatGPT will provide turn-by-turn directions.
  • Adjust vehicle settings like temperature, seat position or ambient lighting at your verbal command.
  • Provide information about your vehicle like fuel range, service alerts or tire pressure readings. Ask ChatGPT for a “status update” or “vehicle report”.

How do I activate ChatGPT?

To activate ChatGPT, simply press the voice assistant button on your steering wheel and say “Hello ChatGPT”. The system will chime to indicate it is listening for a command. Speak naturally as you would to a passenger in your vehicle.

Does ChatGPT store my personal information or share my data?

No, ChatGPT does not store or share your personal information. It is an offline system that operates within your own vehicle. None of your voice commands, destinations or other inputs are recorded, stored or transmitted outside of your Mercedes-Benz. Your information remains private and secure.

Can ChatGPT really understand me?

ChatGPT uses advanced natural language processing to understand common requests and commands. However, it may misunderstand or be unable to respond appropriately at times. If ChatGPT seems unable to assist with a particular task, do not become frustrated. Simply rephrase your request or try an alternative approach. ChatGPT is still learning, and its conversational abilities will continue to improve over time with regular software and data updates from Mercedes-Benz.


Well there you have it. Mercedes-Benz is putting an AI in some of their vehicles to make the driving experience more conversational and intelligent. The future is here, and it looks like self-driving cars are just around the corner. This new technology will allow you to simply speak to your vehicle and have it respond and take actions. No more fumbling around with knobs, dials or touchscreens. Just tell your Mercedes what you want and ChatGPT will handle it. The possibilities for how this can enhance your commute and road trips are endless. Looks like your next Mercedes might be smarter than you! The future of driving just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to Mercedes and Anthropic.

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