How To Watch F1 From Canada or Everywhere Country

Where to Watch F1 From Canada (or Anywhere) in 2023

Following the announcement that RTL stopped its F1 broadcasting contract in Germany Subscribing for Sky Sports is the only option that Canada F1 fans to catch up on the current year’s percent F1 Grand Prix. But, as with many other, I found Sky’s subscription to be too costly, so I decided to find alternatives that were less costly.

I found out that you can stream F1 absolutely free using VPNs using ServusTV as well as ORF. The free-to-air channels aren’t available outside of Austria but with VPN I was able to remove them from the block and watch F1 races in a matter of minutes.

After testing more than 30 VPNs, I discovered only one that could get around the geo-restrictions of ServusTV and ORF and my preferred choice would be ExpressVPN. It’s the fastest VPN I tested and can effortlessly unblock most platforms such as ServusTV as well as ORF. It also has a 30 day refund guarantee, which means you’ll receive a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the way it functions.

Short Guide to how to Watch F1 from Canada in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Download with a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN since it is able to unblock F1 across all platforms and has high rates for stream in HD and without buffering.
  2. Link to the Austrian server. ServusTV is only accessible in Austria therefore you must have the Austrian IP address in order to connect to it.
  3. Begin streaming F1 in Canada. Go to ServusTV and watch F1 without cost.

Why you need a VPN to watch F1 from Canada

It is feasible to watch F1 In Canada with a Sky Sports subscription. However there are various other streaming platforms streaming it at no cost. Since it’s located near Canada (which is ideal for speed) and has Canada comments, I recommend ServusTV to stream F1 at no cost.

However, it is not accessible only in Austria because of licensing limitations. If you attempt to connect to it via Canada or any other non-licensed country, your IP address could expose your location, and you’ll be blocked out.

This is the point where this is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great solution. A VPN substitutes your actual IP address with that from the VPN servers that you join. It appears as if you’re accessing the internet from a different place and allows you to access the content available there. For instance, connecting to a VPN server in Austria allows you to access ServusTV and also watch F1 without cost.

The Best VPNs to Watch F1 from Canada in 2023

1. ExpressVPN is the fastest speed to Watch F1 in HD With No Lag

ExpressVPN offers the ideal VPN for streaming F1 in Germany due to its stable unblocking capabilities and extremely rapid speeds. Its Austrian server has been unblocked ServusTV at the first attempt and my connection was steady throughout my stream of F1 at full HD.

I was able to watch Miami Grand Prix without buffering by using ExpressVPN’s Austrian server.

Through my tests I experienced only an 5% decrease in speed (from 467Mbps up to 443Mbps) on the earby German servers, but it wasn’t apparent within my stream. When I connected via my Austrian servers, I experienced speed never fell below 440Mbps therefore I was able to stream F1 Miami Grand Prix F1 Miami Grand Prix in the highest quality with no delay or buffering.

ExpressVPN offers dedicated applications to a variety of devices and platforms. The VPN is also compatible with a large range of routers. If your device doesn’t come with native VPN support Setting up an VPN for your router can enable viewers to view F1 with any device connected to that network at home.

Although it’s more expensive than other VPNs, ExpressVPN offers money-saving discounts when you sign up for its long-term plan. It is also possible to test it for free by using its 30 day money-back assurance. To test it I decided to cancel my subscription using its 24 hours a day live chat service. The representative only asked me the reason I wanted to cancel before proceeding with the request. I was able to get an entire refund three days after.

ExpressVPN April 2023 Offer: for a short duration, you will be able to buy an ExpressVPN subscription at 49 percent off! Don’t wait!

Utilizable Features

  • Web shortcuts and Apps. You can add shortcuts for your preferred apps and websites on the home screen of ExpressVPN’s. A ServusTV shortcut that has a set Austrian server has allowed me to connect to the platform quickly and efficiently.
  • MediaStreamer. It lets you watch F1 on devices that do not support VPNs, such as those on your console gaming. MediaStreamer does not work with ServusTV however it does support certain subscription-based services through which you can stream F1 such as SlingTV as well as DirecTV.
  • A large server network. With a huge global server network, ExpressVPN lets you access all of the top streaming networks, as well as the F1 streaming platform you would like to use.
  • Lightway Protocol. This is ExpressVPN’s proprietary protocol designed to speed up your connection. I would recommend turning this on to have a smooth and fast streaming.

2. CyberGhost: Streaming-Optimized Servers For Easy Access to F1 from Canada

CyberGhost offers dedicated streaming servers for a variety of platforms which include ServusTV. These are regularly maintained to offer fast speeds and reliable blocking. With its ServusTV streaming optimized server I had no issues blocking the platform and streaming the live F1 races.

CyberGhost’s Viena server granted me access to ServusTV in the first try

It’s among the best VPNs for users that I’ve tested using simple and user-friendly apps that work on every device. With the help of Smart Rules, I was capable of configuring this VPN so that it connects to an optimized ServusTV server instantly upon starting. So, I can connect to ServusTV and stream F1 by a single click.

Smart DNS allows you to watch F1 using devices that aren’t natively compatible with VPNs. This is different than enabling it on a router as smart DNS does not encrypt the data. However, if you don’t really need to protect yourself, this could aid in optimizing your streaming speed.

But, when testing the speed that it offered on its VPN connection, CyberGhost didn’t perform as well as ExpressVPN and I saw slowdowns up to 57% for some of the long-distance servers. However, I only had an increase of 6% when connecting to the nearby Austrian server and it wasn’t apparent while watching in real-time F1 races.

You can test the VPN for free up to 45 days by purchasing its long-term plan (short-term subscriptions provide the option of 14 days).

June 2023 deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off of its the most well-known plan! Get this deal now and save even more than you pay for the cost of your CyberGhost subscription.

Utilizable Features

  • Specialty servers to stream. CyberGhost has servers designed to work with other major streaming platforms which means I can easily catch up with my favorite sports and shows while living in Germany.
  • compatible with all Routers. Although CyberGhost isn’t compatible with the same number of routers as ExpressVPN but there are a few that are compatible with it. So, you can enjoy F1 Grand Prix F1 Grand Prix on more devices, like gaming consoles or smart TVs.
  • dedicated IP addresses. For a small extra cost, you could receive a dedicated IP. This can reduce the chance of you VPN IP address will be detected and blocked by the F1 streaming platform.
  • Many websites. This gives you the flexibility to select the platform you choose to are using to watch F1.

3. Private Internet Access: Unlimited Connections to Watch F1 on All Your Devices

private Internet Access (PIA) offers unlimited connection to devices and is ideal for large families. If you’re looking to browse, stream or download while watching racing at the Grand Prix, you can not be kicked off of by the VPN connection. I tried the PIA by streaming multiple races and games on several devices simultaneously and did not notice any slowdowns.

The PIA’s Austrian servers let me view F1 the highlights of F1 in Full HD

PIA is one of the biggest server network of any VPN having 29650 servers scattered across 85 countries including Austria. Connecting to the Austrian server provided me with immediate acces to ServusTV and I could stream F1 stream live as well as relives and highlights in HD.

It also has an array of options for customizing. I particularly liked the ability to reduce my encryption level from 128-bit to 256-bit because it allowed me to stream at high speed for stream.

Due to the number of customizable options due to the wide variety of customizations available, it’s a bit cumbersome to customize the VPN does not have as much user-friendly features as ExpressVPN or CyberGhost. The good thing is that it’s set for use “out of the box” which means there’s no need to modify settings prior to streaming. Connect to the server you prefer and begin watching F1 immediately.

Price as well users can test it without risk with a 30-day money-back assurance.

April 2023 Update The PIA does not usually offer deals or discounts (it’s already so cheap) however, right now you have the chance to purchase a new PIA subscription for an incredible 83% discount!

Effective Features

  • streaming-optimized servers. PIA offers streaming-optimized servers across multiple countries that include those in the US, Canada, UK and Japan which makes it easy to connect to the majority of popular streaming sites, which includes ones that have F1 races.
  • MACE advertising blocker. If your F1-streaming platform shows advertisements, MACE lets you easily block them by using the ad blocker of PIA’s power named MACE.
  • Favourite server. You can mark various server as “favorite”, so you always have fast and simple acces to F1 platforms that they allow.

How Can I Watch F1 Online?

F1 races are telecast live on a variety of TV streams and channels across the globe Some of them are free to use. The only one that is available within Germany can be found on Sky Deutschland, which is a paid-for platform. The other platforms (free or premium) have been geo-blocked.

This is the reason why you require a VPN in order to stream F1 on the track in Germany on any other platform, besides Sky Deutschland. To do this, I recommend ExpressVPN as it has the ability to unblock streaming platforms around the world and offers high connections in HD streaming.

I’ve listed the platforms that stream F1 below:

Free Platforms

  • ServusTV as well as ORF These two are Austrian television channels which broadcast the entire spectrum of F1 race events (split between both) without cost and along with German commentary.
  • 10 Play is an Australian platform that is free but doesn’t stream the entire F1 races, but only that of the Australian Grand Prix. It provides English commentary
  • Channel 4 — a no-cost-to-air British TV channel that provides streaming coverage live of the British Grand Prix as well as extended highlights of each Grand Prix with English commentary.
  • RTBF RTBF is a Belgian TV channel that provides live broadcasts of each F1 race, with French commentary.

Do I know how to Watch F1 From Canada using an VPN

Whichever device you’re using, the first step is to sign-up for an dependable VPN via its official website. My most recommended VPN is ExpressVPN It is able to effectively bypass geo-restrictions for ServusTV and other F1 streaming platforms. Additionally, its speedy speeds are perfect to stream F1 live F1 racing in HD with smooth, high-quality.

To stream F1 on your computer, Mac, Android, iOS and any device else that can support VPN applications:

  1. Install the VPN application. Once you’ve subscribed to an VPN then download the app on any device of your choice. I downloaded the Windows installer that is available on the ExpressVPN official website.
  2. Log into VPN. Sign in to VPN. Enter your login credentials and copy and paste the activate coupon (if it is available) into the application.
  3. Open the app and connect to the server. Select a server on which your streamer of preference is supported. For instance, ServusTV is only available in Austria and I was able to connect via ExpressVPN’s Austrian server to connect to the service from CanadaThe search bar on ExpressVPN’s website helps you find servers quickly.
  4. Begin streaming F1. After connecting the server go to the streaming platform’s application or website, look for Formula 1, and begin streaming. I have used ServusTV since it’s totally freethere is no sign-up or subscription is needed.ExpressVPN’s Austrian server is unblocked easily ServusTV

On devices with no native VPN applications

Certain devices, like Roku, Apple TV, and gaming consoles do not have the native capability for VPNs. This means you need to create the VPN connection manually through the router app of VPN. This way, you’ll be able access restricted geo-based platforms (like ServusTV) and watch F1 on devices that do not generally support VPNs.

  1. Connect the VPN to the device you are using. ExpressVPN has easy-to-follow instructions for each router that it works with on their website. In the majority of cases you’ll need to get the VPN’s software on your router and install it. The entire procedure took me around five minutes.
  2. Make sure your router is connected to it. Once the VPN is set up on the router it is able to cover all devices that are on its network. Make sure that the device you prefer to stream on is attached to the router.
  3. Select a server address. ServusTV can only be accessed through Austria So I connected with one Austrian server to stream F1 in Canada.
  4. Get started stream F1. Open ServusTV (or any F1-streaming application) from your mobile, and then enjoy.

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